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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Haven't blogged in dayz

As a follow up to Rareform, In Dreams is the long awaited album from After the Burial. Since all of the songs are recorded so nicely and mastered to the max, this is probably their best recorded album in my opinion. Of the eight songs on the album, none repeat riffs or have songs that sound the same as other bands do, which is great for me since I'm all about riffs since I am a guitarist haha, but even include clean vocals and amazing drums(which are programmed BUT they have a real drummer live). You should really check out these guys if your into eight string guitars and melodic riffs.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The only Metal band I liked a lot whom didn't get much spotlight deserved. BROTHER VON DOOM! Not only did they do it right, they had amazing riffs and fills as well as a good vocalist, which IMO is hard to come by. Anyways you should give these guys a listen even thought I didn't particularly like their ONLY music video (not a huge fan of the Medieval era, in fact I don't like it at all lololol) but they certainly deserved more attention from what little they had in the first place. HELL if Adult Swim would advertise them (inb4 I already know anybody could get an ad if they paid the company enough) then they should be good OR at LEAST have more fans. Anyway, give these guys a listen, They're worth it.

Also I follow all the people who comment, so feel free to drop one;)

Fast and easy way to learn Pokemon natures

Never seen a better guide than this on learning what natures hinder and help Pokemon stats.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How To get ANY Pokemanz in Red, Blue, and Yellow

Alright so this has helped me last year on my New Years Resolution to complete my Pokedex. Not only did it help me most people thought I Gameshark'd to get them because I told them I never traded to Blue or vice versa ha


one second.