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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The only Metal band I liked a lot whom didn't get much spotlight deserved. BROTHER VON DOOM! Not only did they do it right, they had amazing riffs and fills as well as a good vocalist, which IMO is hard to come by. Anyways you should give these guys a listen even thought I didn't particularly like their ONLY music video (not a huge fan of the Medieval era, in fact I don't like it at all lololol) but they certainly deserved more attention from what little they had in the first place. HELL if Adult Swim would advertise them (inb4 I already know anybody could get an ad if they paid the company enough) then they should be good OR at LEAST have more fans. Anyway, give these guys a listen, They're worth it.

Also I follow all the people who comment, so feel free to drop one;)